Home Viewing Versus Cinema

How many people say that they prefer the experience of watching movies in the cinema than on their TV at home? There definitely seems to be something of a difference of opinion on this subject.

In recent years the advancement of technology means that people can get a more cinema-like experience when they watch movies at home. Wide-screen TVs and surround sound systems help to make movie-watching at home a much more enjoyable event. It also costs less than a trip to the cinema.

Is one of the reasons why people like watching movies at home because they have more control? Things like sound are a big factor. While some people love the loudness in a cinema others prefer it a little lower and watching at home gives back that control.

Other people in the audience can be a big turn-off when it comes to the cinema. People will be eating and drinking, chatting to each other and nipping out to use the bathroom during the film. And this is not something that can be changed easily. However, watching at home gives more control. Movie viewers can choose who they watch with, keeping the distractions to a minimum.