Things to Consider When Setting Up a Home Cinema for Elderly People

Home cinemas are a great way to help the elderly have fun at home. Here are some of the things to consider when setting up a home cinema for older people.

Comfortable Seats

Older people need comfortable seats where they can relax their back. You should have seats which are easy to get in and out of. It is also advisable to place sofas in the room for people to stretch out. This is because some of them may suffer from osteoarthritis. When setting up seats, you have to

ask yourself what is osteoarthritis, to understand the unique needs of osteoarthritic patients.


Some elderly people have poor eyesight. You do not want them to leave your place unsatisfied with the movie they would have enjoyed just because they could not see it clearly. It is advisable to use a projector since it can give a large display. You also have to see to it that the picture is not too bright such that it causes them to strain their eyes. Within the room, you should also ensure that there are soft lights so that their eyes can adjust quickly after watching the movie.


This is another critical area to consider when setting up a cinema theatre at home. Some elderly people have poor hearing ability. You should have speakers that are audible enough for everyone watching the movie to hear. You should also consider speakers with high-quality sound to avoid complaints of people not hearing the sound clearly.