Non Copyrighted Music for Your Short Films and Home Videos

Every great film director was, at one time, a film student. Every great post-production editor also went through different academies. The world’s next Ennio Morricone is being formed in various schools in many countries. But to get there, you need a lot of resources, such as non-copyrighted music.

Getting copyrighted music was not always easy. Although softwares like Adobe Premiere or Audition offer samples that can be useful and interesting for short productions, if you are thinking of something bigger, like sending your product to a short film festival, the ideal is to find a bank of quality non-copyrighted music that allows you to offer a great job with good music. Discover, below, some of its advantages and utilities.

1. Ideal for YouTube

Not everything is for the movies! The free non copyrighted music for youtube is perfect if you want to make content like YouTube. It will add value to your videos and make you look extremely professional. Besides, you won’t have any problem uploading your videos, as it doesn’t infringe on any copyright rules.

2. They Are Always Legal

If you make films, regardless of the scale and the products you are making, it is common to wonder how the copyright procedures are to be followed according to local laws. Although this varies from country to country, in essence, the film does not allow the publication of any piece of music that is registered with copyright, so non-copyrighted music gives you full security to use it and leaves no room for doubt or concern.

3. New Platforms

Non-copyrighted music is no longer something hidden or difficult to achieve. New platforms like Snapmuse make everything easier, as you get tracks of all kinds of themes with just a couple of clicks. This makes it easy to access the music you need: joy, happiness, sadness, Christmas, patriotic celebrations, and any subject you like.

4. More Variety

Precisely, what these platforms allow us to know is that there is already a wide variety of different non-copyrighted musical content in the world. Content libraries are getting bigger and better, so non-copyrighted music can already be a guarantee of quality.