Movies and Other Relaxing Pastimes

Undoubtedly, going to the movies has always been a special occasion, whether watching the latest Star Wars film or catching up on James Bond. Such trips provide experiences that will last a lifetime and create an abundance of fond memories. They can also be an intense occasion for avid movie lovers and, as such, you need to relax and unwind after watching the latest film. What better way than to grow your own plants in the comfort of your home? Plants can be a tremendous source of pleasure and satisfaction that can bring you down from your movie highs. To assist you there is the planta app that provides an abundance of tips and guidance about growing all kinds of plants.

What Can Planta Offer?

This app is helpful for both novice growers and experienced horticulturalists since it provides a wealth of information as follows:

  • Plant identification details. If you like the look of a particular cultivar, then you will need to make sure you know what species it is. What’s more, you can load a picture or scan the plant and Planta will identify it and provide handy tips about its cultivation.
  • Smart care reminders about how to look after your plants and when it needs watering or pruning plus a whole host of other helpful information. The Planta app also provides valuable reminders about feeding, repotting, and watering. Great for the novice who may be inexperienced in caring for plants.
  • Diagnostic tools if your treasured species suffer from any ailments and diseases with hints and tips about how to treat the problem.
  • Ever wondered where to place plants for maximum growability? Ponder no more since Planta has a light meter that checks if your cultivar is placed in the optimum position in your house or flat.

This app has everything you need to successfully grow a wide variety of species such as foliage plants, vegetables, cacti and succulents, herbs, flowers and orchids. What better way to relax after watching your favorite movie than the gentle pursuit of cultivation? You can even enjoy the fruits of your labor by growing strawberries and all manner of edible vegetables. Never kill a plant again by using this handy app!


Movie-going is a very popular pursuit for many people who enjoy the thrill and excitement of a brand new film. You can have pre-show drinks and a meal, dress up for the occasion and even attend a premiere if you are fortunate enough to secure tickets. It is undoubtedly an experience that will live with you for many years. But, taking some time out to relax and growing plants with the assistance of the Planta app is an excellent way of destressing and increasing your overall well-being. Download it now on iOS or Android and start your green-fingered hobby today!